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Diamondoid-metal hybrids

Diamondoid-metal cluster hybrids were successfully synthesized in our group in order to study the electronic coupling effects. In particular we are interested in the modification of the overall electronic structure and optical properties of the chemically and dispersively bonded hybrids, if localized plasmon resonances can be observed in such systems, and how and if the correlation of electrons in the parts of the hybrid system is influenced by inter-hybrid bond distances, diamondoid size, functional groups and substitution sites.

For the production and investigation of size selected diamondoid-metal hybrids a complex vacuum apparatus with cluster source, collision cell, ion optics, mass filter, and traps is available. The investigation of the ultraviolet absorption with synchrotron radiation (BESSY II) can be done using partial ion yield spectroscopy. For the measurements in the lab, an OPO laser system with the tuning range between 205nm-2500nm is available.

This project is a cooperation in the framework of the research unit FOR 1282, especially with the groups of T. Lau (Project B) and R. Mitric (Project I)


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