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Absorption and emission spectroscopy


Absorption and emission measurements on pristine and functionalized diamondoids were performed in the UV/VIS spectral range using both synchrotron light from BESSY II and the optical parametrical oscillator laser system (OPO) in the laboratory. The absorption measurements were performed using an absorption cell, through measuring the depletion of the light beam passing through a sample gas. Time resolved fluorescence yield spectroscopy was used to investigate the excited state decay rates of pristine diamondoids [1].

Using a UV spectrograph, the energy resolved emission spectra of pristine diamondoids were investigated. The luminescence spectra are showing vibrational fine structure which can be explained by transitions from the first excited electronic state into vibrational normal modes of the ground state. Size and shape dependent effects were observed and supported by quantum mechanical calculations.

[1] R. Richter, et al. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 16, 3070-3076 (2014)

Size and Shape dependent Photoluminescence and Excited-State Decay Rates of Diamondoids


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