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Dr. Bruno Langbehn


Technische Universität Berlin
Institut für Optik und Atomare Physik
Hardenbergstrasse 36 
D-10623 Berlin

Tel.: +49-30-314-23008 (office) 
Fax: +49-30-314-23018
Sekr. EW 3-1, Raum EW 353

E-Mail: bruno.langbehn & physik.tu-berlin.de

Research interests

  • dynamics in Helium nanodroplets
  • scattering experiments at FERMI and FLASH
  • rare gas and metal clusters


Ultrafast Resonant Interatomic Coulombic Decay Induced by Quantum Fluid Dynamics

A. C. LaForge, R. Michiels, Y. Ovcharenko, A. Ngai, J. M. Escartín, N. Berrah, C. Callegari, A. Clark, M. Coreno, R. Cucini, M. Di Fraia, M. Drabbels, E. Fasshauer, P. Finetti, L. Giannessi, C. Grazioli, D. Iablonskyi, B. Langbehn, T. Nishiyama, V. Oliver, P. Piseri, O. Plekan, K. C. Prince, D. Rupp, S. Stranges, K. Ueda, N. Sisourat, J. Eloranta, M. Pi, M. Barranco, F. Stienkemeier, T. Möller, and M. Mudrich
Physical Review X 11, 021011 (2021)
Autoionization dynamics of He nanodroplets resonantly excited by intense XUV laser pulses
Y. Ovcharenko, A. LaForge, B. Langbehn, O. Plekan, R. Cucini, P. Finetti, P.O’Keeffe, D. Iablonskyi, T. Nishiyama, K. Ueda, P. Piseri, M. DiFraia, R. Richter, M.Coreno, C.Callegari, K. C. Prince, F. StienkemeierT. Möller and M. Mudrich
 New Journal of Physics 22, 083043 (2020)
Amplified spontaneous emission in the extreme ultraviolet by expanding xenon clusters
A. Benediktovitch, L. Mercadier, O. Peyrusse, A. Przystawik, T. Laarmann, B. Langbehn, C. Bomme, B. Erk, J. Correa, C. Mossé, D. Rolles, S. Toleikis, M. Bucher, C. F. O. Bostedt, A. Sanchez-Gonzalez, S. Dobrodey, M. A. Blessenohl, A. Nelde, M. Müller, D. Rupp, T. Möller, J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia, and N. Rohringer
Physical Review A 101, 063412 (2020)

DESY Photon Science Research Highlight
Deep neural networks for classifying complex features in diffraction images
J. Zimmermann, B. Langbehn, R. Cucini, M. Di Fraia, P. Finetti, A. C. LaForge, T. Nishiyama, Y. Ovcharenko, P. Piseri, O. Plekan, K. C. Prince, F. Stienkemeier, K. Ueda, C. Callegari, T. Möller, and D. Rupp
Physical Review E 99, 063309 (2019)
Three-Dimensional Shapes of Spinning Helium Nanodroplets
B. Langbehn, K. Sander, Y. Ovcharenko, C. Peltz, A. Clark, M. Coreno, R. Cucini, M. Drabbels, P. Finetti, M. Di Fraia, L. Giannessi, C. Grazioli, D. Iablonskyi, A. C. LaForge, T. Nishiyama, V. Oliver Álvarez de Lara, P. Piseri, O. Plekan, K. Ueda, J. Zimmermann, K. C. Prince, F. Stienkemeier, C. Callegari, T. Fennel, D. Rupp, and T. Möller
Physical Review Letters 121, 255301 (2018)

Elettra Top Story

Elettra Highlights 2018-2019, pp. 94-95

XUV double-pulses with femtosecond to 650 ps separation from a multilayer-mirror-based split-and-delay unit at FLASH
M. Sauppe, D. Rompotis, B. Erk, S. Bari, T. Bischoff, R. Boll, C. Bomme, C. Bostedt, S. Dörner, S. Düsterer, T. Feigl, L. Flückiger, T. Gorkhover, K. Kolatzki, B. Langbehn, N. Monserud, E. Müller, J. P. Müller, C. Passow, D. Ramm, D. Rolles, K. Schubert, L. Schwob, B. Senfftleben, R. Treusch, A. Ulmer, H. Weigelt, J. Zimbalski, J. Zimmermann, T. Möller, and D. Rupp
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 25, 1517 (2018)

Coherent diffractive imaging of single helium nanodroplets with a high harmonic generation source
D. Rupp, N. Monserud, B. Langbehn, M. Sauppe, J. Zimmermann, Y. Ovcharenko, T. Möller, F. Frassetto, L. Poletto, A. Trabattoni, F. Calegari, M. Nisoli, K. Sander, C. Peltz, M. J. Vrakking, T. Fennel, and A. Rouzée
Nature Communications 8, 493 (2017)

Magnetic Moments of Chromium-Doped Gold Clusters: The Anderson Impurity Model in Finite Systems
K. Hirsch, V. Zamudio-Bayer, A. Langenberg, M. Niemeyer, B. Langbehn, T. Möller, A. Terasaki, B. v. Issendorff, and J. T. Lau
Physical Review Letters 114, 087202 (2015)

Spin and orbital magnetic moments of size-selected iron, cobalt, and nickel clusters
A. Langenberg, K. Hirsch, A. Ławicki, V. Zamudio-Bayer, M. Niemeier, P. Chmiela, B. Langbehn, A. Terasaki, B. v. Issendorff, and J. T. Lau
Physical Review B 90, 184420 (2014)



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